Black, Sexy, Geeky and Mental : Bonus: Seeking The Business and Creative Minded

A weekly podcast delving into the mind of a Black, former Burlesque performer, sci-fi fan with bipolar disorder.

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I ring in the New Year podcasting. I’m seeking business people to join a Mastermind group. Also seeking creative people to join a creative cluster around the powerful book The Artist Way. I want to start close to Jan 10th 2015. I am adding a business podcast to my network. I found (not .com) and it got me thinking about being more in integrity and being more of service to my online community(you guys) and making good content. I’m an instant fan. 


  • The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron 
  • Tapping Brilliance: The Ultimate Mastermind Workbook.

  • The 30-day “Just Ship It!” Challenge



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