Black, Sexy, Geeky and Mental : 79. Good Old Boy Helpin’ Git Dat Debt

A weekly podcast delving into the mind of a Black, former Burlesque performer, sci-fi fan with bipolar disorder.

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In this episode: I’m getting out of debt with the guidance of a good old boy. A lot of welfare talk. On that note my pledge drive time is here. 

Amber P’s Birthday Bonanza, July 20, 2014 at 7pm-9pm EST on Spreecast.  Stay tuned for details. 

NEW segment on the show: Ask A Burlesque Performer segment is coming to my show. Ask about my career if you like but I would REALLY like to give advice to people who want to start, have started or who are already in the game. Send GOOD quality, fun to answer, genuine, for real not for play play questions I may put it on the show. Ask away


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