Black, Sexy, Geeky and Mental : 15. How To Lose Fans and Infuriate People

A weekly podcast delving into the mind of a Black, former Burlesque performer, sci-fi fan with bipolar disorder.

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In this episode:


-I wanna start working again!

-I isolate everyone in this episode. It's a good thing I don't accept bad feedback.

-(Song) I Am Not My Hair by India Arie

-(Podcast) The Black Guy Who Tips Episode 345: Chilly Grapes

Rod does a wicked good talks about donating to projects you appreciate and getting donations for projects you do that people appreciate

-This is the project that Rod was talking about in that episode and this is the link to their project they are raising money for.

-(Podcast) This Week in Blackness

-(Podcasting Network) 5by5 - Broadcasts for Geeks, Designers, Developers, and Entrepreneurs

-(Radio show/Podcast) The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling

-(Podcast)Jordan, Jesse, Go!




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