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A weekly podcast delving into the mind of a Black, former Burlesque performer, sci-fi fan with bipolar disorder.

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The last episode ever.

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My 38th birthday is coming up and I need money so please step up. Black Chick Watching is not as fun to do anymore. I might could be on TV, no big deal.

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I want to do my online live birthday fundraiser on July 29th. Not sure where. 

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I can't keep being up and arms about everything that is offensive. I am not down with these academics that think they are revolutionaries.

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I am not doing awesome but hanging in there. I have respectable gentleman donors that don't send dick pics with donations.
I get some blows to my ego with dating. Still no luck with jobs. I do some guilt-free distancing from my extended family.



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I hit hard times and cry when asking for money for the show. I have no friends to call just for fun or anything else and no one calls me so I am lonely. Dog owners suck. Sometimes you think you are helping me but you are not. If you want to help there are very specific things you can do. The host of the long-running British radio show "Just a Minute" took a day off and the nation and I freaked out and I have no one to share that with. I am hunting for a part-time job.

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I'm here, I'm horny, deal with it. I sent a listener a sexy surprise. I am moving on and letting go of dreams of the past. I retell my Burlesque origin story.
Please send in ideas for me to do in on shows on the Black Chick Watching Podcast Network but absolutely no guest recommendations.

I really relied on my female connections this week. I am putting my business on hold for the summer and getting a traditional job and I got rid of my business coach. This summer I will have romance and/or a fling.

Lost Girl (TV show)


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I am adding a new type of offering to my biz that will get my name out there and keep me in practice more. I purposely add branching out from marginalized groups to broaden my horizons. I can't help a depressed listener but I am pulling for you. I am going to the next level in my life so I hand with next level people.

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